The Codrington School - The International School of Barbados

The Codrington School Library first opened its doors in September 2009, as a result of a joint venture between the PTA and the school. In June 2012 the library was re-named to the Dennison J Mackinnon library.

The PTA fundraised for the initial book order required to start stocking the shelves, and Codrington families donated new and old books to add to this. Indeed books are still donated to the library on a regular occurance and are always gratefully received. The school and we now hold over 7000 titles on our shelves. These range across fiction and nonfiction titles, a language section, DVDs, Audio CDs and learning centre resourses.

All the titles are electronically catalogued allowing for easy tracing of subject material and tracking of books on loan to students.

Parent volunteers allow the library to be open on each school day, with classes gaining regular access to this wonderful world of books and learning.