The Codrington School - The International School of Barbados

Admissions and Enrollment

All enquiries should be directed to the Director of Admissions - Ms. Samantha Lorde, either by e-mailing or by calling the school at +1 246 423 2570.

A visit to the school can also be arranged, which will involve meeting the Director of Admissions, meeting the Principal Mr. Darryl Brown and touring the school to learn about our ethos and our approach to learning and teaching. Wherever possible we would also encourage families to meet the relevant Head of School and for the student to spend some time in lessons, usually such initial visits are followed up by student taster days.

It would be advantageous for you to check the class that your son/daughter would be placed in according to their date of birth. For admissions for the 2017-18 academic year please peruse here.

To start the application process at The Codrington School, the Director of Admissions should be provided with the following:

  • A completed application form
  • The non-refundable screening & administration fee. This fee ensures the processing of the application for admission of a new student or of a student returning after an absence from The Codrington School of one year or longer.
  • All school records for the preceding three terms, where the child has been in school for three terms, as well as the results of any formal assessments, such as standardized testing results and the findings of any psycho-educational assessments that may have been undertaken by the prospective students. The school operates on the basis of transparency and it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to bring to the school's attention at this stage all pertinent information relating to the child's prior educational history.
  • A birth certificate or passport verifying the child's date of birth and nationality.

All prospective students are screened for entrance into The Codrington School. A mutually convenient date is arranged. Individual or small group screening is conducted.

In addition, the school will take into consideration the recommendation from the applicant’s last school when determining whether or not to offer a place at the school, the school recommendation form should be e-mailed to Director of Admissions direct from the school in question.

The school reserves the right, at its sole discretion, either to accept or to reject any application for admission. In those cases where an application is rejected, the school is under no obligation to show cause for the non-acceptance of the child concerned.

Children who are accepted for admission are entered into the school immediately if a place is available. An offer of admission must be taken up within fourteen days, along with payment of all the relevant fees.

If a place if not immediately available, the incoming student's name is placed on the waiting list for the year level. The school will then offer places to children on the waiting list as they become available. When a place in a year level becomes available, the school selects from the waiting list that child who, in the sole judgment of the school's administration, is the most appropriate child for the place on offer, taking into account all relevant information and the school's desire to maintain a range and balance of children at each year level.

Upon successful application and nearer to the student’s enrollment date all starter forms should be completed and sent to the Director of Admissions. These starter forms include a doctor's report, student health record, admission is dependent on there being no undisclosed conditions that might seriously impair the child's learning. The starter forms also encompass media permission, ICT guidelines, parental contact information and school field trips.

Our office manager, Sabrina Edwards should be e-mailed notification requesting use of our transportation services at, if these are required, along with any enrichment activity requests.

Families should liaise with our PTA to organize the purchase of uniform items and our food services representative if on-site hot meals are required – please e-mail the Director of Admissions for further details if necessary.

Families should liaise with the Director of Admissions to organize the completion of the student visa, as this is necessary for their son(s) and/or daughter(s), but as a starting point families should peruse the the school's student visa guide for families document.

We have devised a check-list for families to help them keep track of their application & enrollment process with us, please feel free to use this.