The Codrington School - The International School of Barbados

Parent Testimonials


Lorie Boes
Parent of Carolyn (PYP 5) and Katie (PYP 3)

As an educator myself, I want to make sure my children get the best education possible. I was unfamiliar with the IB program before we came to Barbados, and had to do some research. Now I am a complete convert, and I hope we can find IB curriculae at future schools when we move. Codrington is small, hands-on, and provides a very personalized education. During my daugthers' time at Codrington, I have been impressed with the way the IB program uses a six-week unit or theme to teach all the core skills (literacy, numeracy, writing, etc), which makes the learning relevant. Codrington is teaching children to be THINKERS, not just memorize answers. The classes are not quiet, with children copying down answers from the board and drilling for exams... instead, the children are discussing ideas, working together to find solutions, visiting other classrooms, and taking field trips. They are learning to be compassionate, to be well-balanced, and kind. The school is a family. The teachers are challenging but caring. The students learn as much from each other as from their teachers, and the older students mentor the younger ones across the campus. Codrington is constantly building and growing, with new renovations and additions each year, but the historical sweetness of the 100 year old campus has charm that balances the modern state of the art instruction taking places within its walls. Codrington, we will miss you!

Ron & Rachel Albalak
Parents of Ari (Graduate), Liyat (DP2) and Elan (MYP 5)

All three of my children attended Codrington International School during our 6 years living Barbados. Two of them attended for the full 6 years and the oldest attended for 5 years until he graduated. I cannot say enough good things about Codrington and how wonderful it has been for my kids and by extension for my family. The incredibly positive environment starts from Codrington’s leadership, Mr. Darryl Brown (the school principal) and extends to the many wonderful teachers at the school. Ms Mila , one of the Spanish teachers and also Mr. Brown’s wife (and really a mom to all the children), and Ms. Vicky , head of secondary school, play a key role in creating this positive environment. They are amazing. Both of these teachers and many others played such an important role in my children’s formative years, both in terms of their emotional and educational development. The school cares deeply about each child and attends to each child’s individual needs. And through the teachers’ dedication they develop well rounded, healthy, worldly children who care about others and are good citizens of the world. They certainly did that for my children and for that I will always be grateful. We are moving on now to a new assignment and because of Codrington I know that my kids are well prepared for their next school and my oldest son was well prepared for college in the US.

Raymond McKenzie
Father of Amethyst (MYP 4)

We chose The Codrington School for our children's education because Codrington pursues and embodies the very ethos of excellence through the International Baccalaureate program. We, as a family, are privileged to be part of this stimulating environment of dedicated teachers who encourage and assist our children to be the best that they can be. Seeking and attaining excellence is the root codon of the DNA of The Codrington School.

Shawn & Warren Mottley
Mother & father of Emmanuelle (DP 2) and Laurenne (MYP 4)

My husband and I chose The Codrington School because we believe an IB education is the direction of the future and will best prepare our children for life in the 21st Century. We hope our children will go on to pursue university degrees overseas, and we have noted that more and more universities in the USA, Canada and the UK are seeking students with IB Diplomas. We specifically chose this school based on the strength of its programmes, the quality of its teachers and its administrative staff and also the nurturing and enriching learning environment provided by its beautiful campus. After our first week, we are very pleased with our initial interactions with the teachers, administrative staff and parents as they all have been extremely welcoming, professional and helpful. However, the greatest confirmation that we made the right choice, has been in the smiles and excitement of our children at the end of each day so far!

Dan and Marianne LeVan
Parents of Lynnea(PYP 8)

Our family was and remains attracted to The Codrington School, because the style of teaching suits our daughter's style of learning, the school promotes diversity, as more than 30 different countries are represented, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. The philosophy of the International Baccalaureate Program continues to appeal to us, as the learner profile is rooted in most, if not all, subjects, and the inquiry based foundation enables the students, including our 11 year old daughter, to not only think outside the box, but sometimes think outside the room the box is in.  We believe the hands-on approach connects our daughter's discovery and learning to everyday life situations.  This is an invaluable application in our view.  Additionally, the class sizes are managed, which fosters favorable student teacher ratios. Our daughter maintains a positive attitude about Codrington, including her teachers, classmates, and the staff.  She enjoys going to school, and has found some of her closest friends there.  As parents, we have also developed some wonderful relationships with other families and staff members.  We embrace these personal connections, knowing the important role they play in our family's life. Even though Codrington rests on a beautiful setting in the midst of whispering pines overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the draw of the school is much more about the people, than the place.  We count ourselves blessed to be part of the Codrington family.

Madeleine Asuncion
Mother of Elena (PYP 3)

Siempre que buscamos colegio, le damos gran importancia a la calidad humana que rodeará a nuestros hijos. Estoy convencida de que estar con personas que te enriquezcan y afloren lo mejor de tu propia escencia es lo que nos ayudará a lograr ese anhelado balance en la vida, entre el éxito y la felicidad. Todos tenemos recuerdos de personas que marcaron nuestros años de estudiantes, que influyeron de alguna manera en nuestras trayectorias, estoy segura de que Elena tendrá valiosas influencias en su paso por Codrington.

Constanza Verdina
Mother of Laura (DP 2)

llegamos a Barbados hace 3 meses. El cambio de culturas ha sido difícil considerando que venimos de una ciudad bastante grande como es Buenos Aires. Para mi hija Laura(18) ha sido aun mas difícil . En un principio extraño mucho sus maestros, sus amigos y su colegio en general. pero poco a poco se ha dado cuenta que en Codrington School puede tener experiencias diferentes. Rápidamente fue acogida por sus compañeros. Los niños locales son muy especiales y con mente abierta. aceptan fácilmente a todos los nuevos estudiantes y los hacen sentir como en casa. Los maestros son excelentes y el programa académico insuperable donde se enfoca en las necesidades personales y académicas de cada estudiante. las actividades extracurriculares son muy variadas y hay para todos los gustos. En este periodo Laura está practicando surfing y tenis además de muchas otras actividades que organiza el colegio. En tan corto tiempo veo que Laura se ha ido adaptando muy bien a su nuevo ambiente y ha tenido un año escolar lleno de aventuras y nuevos amigos.

Carlos Reiche and Lara Blanco
Parents of Florencia(MYP 3) and Tomas (PYP 4)

We were attracted to Codrington because we were looking for the kind of liberal and progressive education that the institution offers.  Codrington also provided us with a much needed support platform for our children who left their country for the first time and had to start school in a new language.  We are happy about the decision we made.  The kids had a smooth start in Barbados and academically speaking we can see that they are stimulated, they have acquired new skills and are flourishing in the environment that the school offers.