The Codrington School - The International School of Barbados

Interdisciplinary Week

Once a year, the students engage in an interdisciplinary week. This is a chance for students to work together in vertically aligned groups (members from all MYP year groups), on a topic which incorporates aspects of all disciplines.

The week of 18th May we had a very special week of learning at The Codrington School as it was our annual MYP Interdisciplinary Week.  Students began the week being set their challenge for 2015 which was to plan for Life on Mars, whereby they would build a sustainable community.  Monday morning Dr. Pascal Lee from NASA (for more information about him please click here) called the whole of MYP via Skype to challenge the students to lo explore and decide: who would go there with them, how they would get there and how they planned to build a community once they got there.  Students worked in vertical groups for the whole week (i.e. mixed MYP 1 to 5) delving into these vast questions. To achieve their common goal of becoming a new colony, the students had to work collaboratively and use skills, experience and expertise from all of their subject disciplines that they usually study.  This process also led to the development of new skills and knowledge being acquired! This deep and challenging project led to some of the most amazing work that I have ever seen presented by young people.   Students shared all of their ideas and outcomes with the community in a culminating event on Friday afternoon.


Our finale was attended by parents, some PYP and all of our DP 1 students, faculty and staff along with Dr. Palmer (United States Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean), Mr. Ricardo Small (The President of the Barbados Astronomical Society) and Dr. Pascal (who joined us via Skype again from Northern California).  The afternoon kicked off with  the audience being able to see some of the tangible results of the week via display stands; these stands will be in the main foyer for a few more days, so if you would like to have a look  please pop in.  The formal proceedings were ‘top and tailed’ by formal quotes from various individuals from all around the world delivered by various MYP students. The newly-created colonies: Planeta Vermillo, The New Horizon and Project Astro, marched in with their self-designed and manufactured flags and performed their national anthems that they wrote the lyrics for themselves. Students then showcased their other work via presentations, websites, videos, animated software packages and much, much more.    We will share all of the students’ work on our website soon so that you will all get a chance to see what they achieved.  We then went to our top field and all of the MYP students released a red balloon into the atmosphere with a message from each of them that will hopefully reach someone they may very well end up on Mars with! I am so proud of all the students, so well done to them all.  I must make a special mention of all the group leaders – Saskia Rock-Williams, Joie-Anne Christie-Veitch, Katie Cothran, Mia Cothran, Natusha Thill, Shahana Black & Amber McKenzie (MYP 5) and Emanuelle Mottley & Julia Musselwhite (MYP 4) who did an AMAZING job.


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