The Codrington School - The International School of Barbados

The Middle Years Programme at Codrington

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) at The Codrington School comprises a wide range of curricular and extra curricular subjects based upon the hexagonal model shown below. It is the central Programme in the IB continuum of programmes with students moving on to the Diploma Programme afterwards. All programmes follow the the International Baccalaureate’s philosophy of an holistic approach to teaching and learning. Such an approach is exemplified by our annual inter-disciplinary week.

The Middle Years Programme is geared towards 11-16 year olds; our year levels are called MYP one through MYP five (approximately equivalent to US grades six through ten / UK years seven through eleven).

The school’s philosophy is maintained from primary through secondary school, as we believe that all children should be proper citizens and be socially and culturally respectful.

The class size of a maximum of 15 students per class is implemented school wide.

The Curriculum

The Subjects that students take are shown in this table and is based upon the idea of a broad and balanced curriculum.

In MYP1 and 2 students also take PSHE (Personal and Social Health Education) classes to assist in the transition from the Primary, whereas in MYP 4 and 5 students follow a slightly changed curriculum offering choices which will lead on to the Diploma Programme.

Further Information about the MYP programme can be found by downloading the MYP Handbook. This can be viewed in conjunction with this presentation.

MYP 5 Personal Project

One of the culminating aspects of the MYP5 is that all students must produce a Personal Project and keep a detailed process journal throughout the year.
The details of what this entails can be found in this presentation.

Community and Service

Providing community and service is a central aspect of the International Baccalaureate programme. All students are expected to get involved with a variety of community projects either with the assistance of the school or through their own efforts. A presentation on Community and Service at the Codrington School can be found here.

Interdisciplinary Week

Once a year, the students engage in an interdisciplinary week. This is a chance for students to work together in vertically aligned groups (members from all MYP year groups), on a topic which incorporates aspects of all disciplines.

Assessment in the MYP

Students are continually assessed through both formative and summative assessment in the MYP programme. All assessment is criteria referenced i.e. students are assessed against criteria and not against one another. Each subject area has its own criteria which can be seen by clicking here. The rubrics shown are for MYP4/5 level and these are simplified in earlier years.

The types of assessment tools available to teachers include all forms of oral, written and practical work.